Ever bet your friend a million dollars? Have to buy a round of drinks for others because your team didn't win that weekend? How about that time you bet you said your two friends would hook-up? Bets with Friends makes it easy to set a friendly wager with your stakes, to share with your friends and from your Android or iOS* device.

Set Your Bet

Bet on the Game, Bet on your Friends or Bet on what gets announced at Comic Con.

Name Your Stakes

A Round of Drinks? Personal Chauffeur for the weekend? Put your money where your mouth is and set the terms of your wager.

Make it Social

Invite your friends (or exclude them). Bragging rights are made to be had so why not keep score while you do.

Let me know when I can get this for the iPhone:


Want to bet on the game this weekend? Maybe you play the long game with a F1 championship? Nothing is sweeter than a Win over your Friends

Pop Culture

Will there be an Iron Man 4? Who will win the Presidential race in Brazil? Betting doesn’t have to be limited to horse racing and football


Got a Spring Break related challenge in mind or maybe you just want to keep a pool for when your friend’s Baby is due? Betting on your friends is the best way to having your drinks paid for


From FIFA15 to DOTA 2, Bets with Friends has you covered for your e-sports action. Whether it is dominating a competition or trading players just set your bet, name your stakes and game on.

A new way to keep track of who owes you the next round of drinks coming soon to Android & iOS*